Mr Football’s pre season thoughts.

Mr Football’s pre season thoughts

With 2 more days till the premier league season opener between Liverpool and Stoke City kicks off. Lets have a look at what has been happening in the off season. This year is going to be a season of transition for a lot of the premier league teams, more so with some of the bigger clubs in the league. At Old Trafford we have seen the parting of the Sir Alex Ferguson era and replaced him with David Moyes from Everton. This will be a very tough year for David Moyes, he has large boots to fill and i’m sure the Old Trafford faithfull will be watching his every move. One thing for certain is they will be hoping he can continue where Sir Alex left, only time will tell.

Manchester City also have a new manager after the departure of Mancini and have opened up their wallet to 4 big money players. Manchester City will be hoping for a better run in the Champions league this year after 2 very poor previous campaigns. Is this going to be the year when the blue half of Manchester reclaims another title from their across the city rivals?

Chelsea have managed to lure Mourinho back for his second stint in the Premier League, after leaving from Real Madrid in the summer. He is classed like royalty by the Chelsea fans, and it is similiar in comparison to a love affair written in a romance novel. He has a new Chelsea team to work with now and that may take a bit of time to get his style of football across. Being the quality coach Mourinho is, i’m sure all Chelsea fans would agree that he will get the job done. My tip to win the league.

Eight years without a trophy Arsenal are a team that needs strengthening if it wants to win the league, or any trophy for that matter. It could be another tough year for the boys in London.

Tottenham Hotspurs once again will surprise a few this year specially if they manage to keep Gareth Bale from the clutches of Real Madrid. With a few new additions and Villa’s Boas starting to get the team the way he wants it it could be a good year for the Hotspurs.

Liverpool will be another team which will be hoping to push for a top 4 spot, I see another tough year for Liverpool with it’s history adding pressure to the players and the needs for succes at the club. I am sure all supporters know that Liverpool should be playing champions league football, especially if they want to keep hold of their quality players. The Suarez debate still goes on and that will be a key factor if Liverpool are going to progress to where they should be.

As for the rest of the teams in the league it’s going to be a learning process for some of the new teams in the league, but we can be certain there will be a few upsets along the way. In the next article we will be looking at this and concentrating on the rest of the teams in the league till then enjoy the Premier League.